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The Giant of Sandia


Show notes.

In 1866, prospector and future territorial legislator Dr. W.T. Strachan swore he found the skeleton of a 40-foot giant in a cave on Sandia. What in the world?

Mike discusses some hard-hitting Albuquerque news: He fed an orange to a prairie dog. Somehow, he also manages to work in some political commentary. Because he’s Mike.

Nora discusses Wise Pies Arena AKA The Pit and how it will no longer have that unwieldy name.

Another one-act play? Two strangers meet in a coffee shop and discuss Patreon. Weird how that keeps happening.

Mike tells us the story of the Sandia giant. We discuss what we know about its “discoverer” W.T. Strachan, businessman and politician.

Nora tells the history of another famous discovery: the Cardiff Giant.

Ty reads a news story from 1902 about the supposed discovery of 12’ skeletons in Guadalupe, NM and asks, What?

Next episode: New Mexico Diseases, part 2.