Episode 28: Smallpox

This and the next episode were originally going to be one super-packed disease-a-rama also featuring TB and Hanta Virus, but the length came too close to the 2 hour mark for our comfort. So, instead, we’ll be releasing part two next Monday! Stay tuned!

Things discussed:

Mike’s absence!

Albuquerque crime: Man found in the Bosque with his hands nailed to a tree, but his story doesn’t add up.

The Pit is changing to Dreamstyle Arena? Should we make fun of this? Probably.


Origin and first physical evidence of the disease.

The first inoculations (via variolation) in China and Turkey.

Jenner’s use of cowpox as a vaccine in England.

Smallpox in New Mexico. Larrañaga’s tour of the territory with cowpox infected children. What happens when you run out of kids with cowpox? You try powdered scabs. And then things get gross.

Eradication of smallpox. Last known deaths associated with the disease.

2004: Discovery of smallpox in… Santa Fe?

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Part two- Coming right up!