Show notes: Episode 17: Secret Albuquerque

As we mention on the show, each and everyone of us has access to a “secret” Albuquerque experience. The very fact of approximately 1 million unique minds living in this city means that there are 1 million unique and inaccessible points of view and thus, 1 million secret versions of our city. That was the idea behind this episode, to use that thought as a leaping off place: What are the Albuquerque’s that we wish we could access, but can’t?

Inspired by a top 10 list from the still-shockingly-not-posting-their-content-online Albuquerque the Magazine (seriously, how do you get away with that when most of your stories are basically clickbait?) the three of us made up our own Top 5 Secret Albuquerque lists and focussed on one entry each to explore a little more in detail.

Nora wondered about the experience of being a woman in Albuquerque, and New Mexico, during the last century and found some answers in the book Down the Santa Fe Trail and Into Mexico: The Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin 1846-1847.

Mike mentioned the Z-Machine, some kind of apocalyptic scientific device hiding away at Sandia Labs that none of us are smart enough to understand, and the four hills, where half of America’s nuclear arsenal was once stored.


 The Z-Machine in all its terrifying glory.

The Z-Machine in all its terrifying glory.


Ty talked about his fantasy of joining a gang (seriously, not a good plan), the hidden things on Kirkland Airfare Base (including Atlas-1, pictured below) but really delved into the long-vanished province of Tiguex and the destroyed pueblo of Ghufoor.


Ty’s dogs barked a bit and Mike’s kids rang the doorbell. Listen carefully to the episode to hear this exclusive bonus content! I don’t know what the weird buzzing feedback noise is. It pops up from time to time for mysterious reasons of its own and I never notice it until it’s too late.

Also, Ty has a real problem saying the word “harquebus.” Which, seriously, why is that even a word?