Episode 20: What's Going Bump in the Night?


As we say on the episode, a question on the Albuquerque subreddit about what sort of paranormal beastie might be causing a user's dog to bark at nothing kicked off this round of folkloric speculation. Fortunately, New Mexico has plenty of unusual bogeys to choose from.

Nora brought one of the strangest spooks I’ve ever heard of, a 6-foot long undulating mass of hair known as an “earth baby.” She found the story in an out of print book called The Squaw Tree : Ghosts, Mysteries, and Miracles of New Mexico. I suppose that the creature counts as more of a cryptic than a spirit, and I’d love to know more information about it. Interestingly, both the name “earth baby” and one of the creature’s major traits, its propensity to squawl with a sound like an infant crying, imply a relationship to the Jerusalem cricket, aka the niña de la tierra. But I’ve never heard of the little bastards getting 6 feet long.

 God I hope not.

God I hope not.


My tales of the duende and the Goblin Rat come from The New Mexico Book of the Undead by Ray John de Aragon. It’s a good book for folklore, though I take some exception to his one-sided depiction of the Pueblo Revolt.

Mike brought a collection of weirdness from all over, as is his wont. In particular, I loved the idea of the “cabbit,” the world’s dumbest cryptid (a half-cat, half-rabbit) emerging from the underground alien/human base of Dulce, NM. Dulce is the center of a huge number of conspiracy theories, but none are quite as arbitrary and inconsequential as the cabbit.

Oh, and did we mention Big Hoot? Big Hoot is apparently a six foot owl that flutters around in Lincoln Co.. Why? Why not?


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